Railway Signal & Communication Engineering Bureau Group Co., Ltd.(CRSCE) was established on 10th September 2012, state-owned secondary enterprise in SASAC supervision, and affiliated to China Railway Signal & Communication Corp. CRSCE is merged from several branch companies, such as Tianjin Engineering Branch, Beijing Engineering Branch etc. Benefit from almost 60 years experience, we are now expertise on railway engineering construction with glorious prospect.

CRSCE is focused on the system integration and project management, dedicated in majors of signal, communication, electricity, traction power supply system. We have the qualifications in many aspects, such as national telecommunication, railway signal & communication, railway electrification, intelligent building, security & protection, mechanic electronic, integration of computer information systems, and qualified on the projects of mega-scale project general contracting and one-stop integrated service. Our business already covered both local and global market in leading position, including railway, city rail, highway, city informatization, airport, port, mining etc.

As railway core construction enterprise, CRSCE is insisting on providing safety transportation basis during all the construction projects, i.e., signal & communication integration of large / medium-scale projects such as Jinghu high-speed railway, Wuguang railway, Hada railway, Hewu railway, Hangyong railway, Hainan eastern loop railway, Guangzhu railway, Xiangpu railway and Xiashen railway; amount of existing railway technical update projects; city rail construction projects such as Changchun light railway, Tianjin metro, Shenzhen metro etc; dispatching system engineering project such as MoR dispatching hall, Guangzhou dispatching office, Wuhan dispatching office etc. All of these projects and achievements make the great improvement and contribute to China railway and rail transit perspective. At the same time, thanks for that, CRSCE win a lot of approvals such as National Quality Awards, China Zhan Tianyou Civil Engineering Award, National Customer Satisfaction Engineering Award, Chinese Enterprise New Record, and Railway Quality Engineering Award etc.

As an integrated engineering construction group with very long history, while that doesn’t mean we are old, but active and positive, CRSCE is always working based on the concept of “scientific and honest” and spirit of “teamwork, realistic, efficient, thinking further”; innovation on policy, technology and management; in order to enhance our core competence and leading position in local market. The other goal for us is to be an international integrated engineering construction group by means of developing the project general contracting on housing construction, civil facilities and road construction etc, in order to deliver safety, satisfied and exact rail transport technology and building products to our customers.

Phone:   010—83068288
Post Code:   100071
Web:   www.crsc.cn
Address:   10 Floor, Building 18, 17 Block, Advanced Business Park No.188, South Fourth Ring Road West, Fengtai District, Beijing.